Vanessa Kempf

Legal AssistantVanessa Kempf

Vanessa graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Her previous work experience spans across the accounting, business, and retail fields. On September of 2015, she joined the Hecht & Norman team. Vanessa is elated about the opportunity to help the underserved communities and eager to make an impact. She understands firsthand the adversities faced by foreign nationals in the U.S. as a daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico. Her personal experience drives her passion for helping others achieve their goals and to help clients succeed.
Outside of work, Vanessa enjoys exploring Oregon’s great outdoors with her husband, three kids, and two dogs. She also loves to cook her favorite Mexican recipes for her family and friends. Vanessa loves to volunteer her time at her daughters’ schools. Although some days are longer than others, Vanessa always makes sure to spend quality time with her family. Her passion for exploring new boundaries is what enables her to gain new perspectives and help others accomplish their goals.

Eugene Office
329 E. 8th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401
P: 541-465-2173
F: 541-465-2176

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